Playa Maya Residences

Private Estate Subdivision in Playa Mundo Maya

Lots sizes: 500m2 up to a hectare

Lot Price: 500m2 at 22,500 USD

Minimum Payments: 500 USD per month

No interest

How to purchase it:

Promissory purchase contract (notary) at 22,500 USD

  • Pay in cash or with installments of 500 USD per month, 44 months (3 years 8 months)
  • Subdivision is made during the first 12 months
  • Can build before paid off
  • Pay faster without any extra fees
  • Title transfers at purchase contract signing on 2026

Why to purchase it now

The price is increased to 32,500 USD in the year 2024, increase to 42,500 USD in the year 2025, increase to 52,500 USD in the year 2026, increase to 62,500 USD in 2027... are scheduled.

Hold a long-term investment or build them

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A popular area to build a house to rent.

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